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Fri, Aug 5 2:00 pm CDT Medical Fitness. Learn How to Tap into the Fitness of the Future Christine Conti
Fri, Aug 5 10:00 am CDT FBA ShowNew Revenue Streams and Mental Health Awareness Josh Leve
Fri, Aug 5 10:00 am CDT FBA ShowNew Revenue Streams and Mental Health Awareness Sara Allen
Fri, Aug 5 10:00 am CDT FBA ShowNew Revenue Streams and Mental Health Awareness Tony Maslan


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Josh Leve, Founder & CEO, FBA & SUCCEED!


Staying ahead of what's happening in the industry is one of the best ways to drive forward your fitness business.  It allows you the ability to survey the field, make changes when necessary, and be prepared for anything.


When it comes to WOW factors, the secret is in the surprise. Going out of your way to make your clients feel special will cause reverberations felt throughout their day, week, sometimes month.





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Thu, Aug 11 1:00 pm CDT WebinarWebsites Versus Ads: What Is a Fitness Business to Choose? Mark Wingerter
Mon, Aug 15 9:00 am CDT Video TipWhat Are the Terms For SBA Loans? Ken Countess
Mon, Aug 15 9:00 am CDT Video TipWhat Are the Terms For SBA Loans? Paul Bosley
Tue, Aug 16 9:00 am CDT Video TipFitness Business Insurance Checklist Tip Brought to You by SFIC Jennifer Urmston Lowe
Mon, Aug 22 9:00 am CDT Case StudyStarting a Corporate Wellness Program with Nuvita: One Studio's Success Story Paul Masterson
Thu, Oct 6 1:00 pm CDT WebinarThe Critical Components Necessary to Get the Best Insurance in the Fitness Industry Tiffany Moulds


Recent Sessions, Available to Watch

Thu, Jul 21 9:00 am CDT Case StudyThe FBA and SFIC Connection: A Decade-Long Partnership Josh Leve
Wed, Jul 20 9:00 am CDT Video TipBecome a Certified Running Coach Tip brought to you by ISSA Johnny August
Tue, Jul 19 10:00 am CDT Micro-Learning SessionHow To Design Indoor Cycling Workouts Krista Popowych
Tue, Jul 19 9:00 am CDT Micro-Learning SessionIf You Teach To It…They Will Come Aaron Eisberg
Mon, Jul 18 9:00 am CDT Video TipVirtual Workouts Tip brought to you by SFIC Jennifer Urmston Lowe
Thu, Jul 14 1:00 pm CDT Webinar7 Tips for Mental Toughness Sponsored by SportsArt Josh Zaffino


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Leading booking and customer management system, Gymcatch, launches new feature that will support kids and after-school activity operators take bookings and payments for multiple sub-profile accounts. 

‘Sub-profiles encourage participation, making it super easy for the customer to book and pay on behalf of kids, family, friends and dependents in one single transaction. It’s important to us that whilst staying affordable that our features make a positive difference to our customer’s business,’ says Ollie, CEO and co-founder at Gymcatch.

Now that people are returning in droves to their local facilities (for IRL "in real life" experiences), the New York Times reports that gym traffic is back to over 80% of the pre-lockdown levels, according to a survey by Jeffries, the financial services company.

Well, maybe that percentage may be a little high and it may not be actual droves, BUT... I would put it at around 60% since other surveys report that while 40% of former users canceled their memberships and won’t be going back, the remaining 60% will.

The last couple of years have shown the many benefits digitalization can bring to fitness entrepreneurs and how intelligent use of collected data can provide unprecedented opportunities for personalization.

Customer data that trainers and clubs receive via apps and wearables provide an abundance of information.

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