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Thu, Feb 2 10:00 am CST Rest. Refuel. Rejuvenate: The 3 R’s to Recovery and Optimal Health Erik Schreiber
Fri, Feb 3 10:00 am CST FBA ShowThe FBA Show: AI, SUCCEED! and 97Display Josh Leve
Fri, Feb 3 10:00 am CST FBA ShowThe FBA Show: AI, SUCCEED! and 97Display Sara Allen
Fri, Feb 3 10:00 am CST FBA ShowThe FBA Show: AI, SUCCEED! and 97Display Mark Wingerter

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Thu, Jan 26 10:00 am CST Lead Generation Using Social Media: What is Working Now Kory Angelin
Thu, Jan 19 10:00 am CST Converting Leads Into Sales: The Process & System to Get It Right Every Time Jersey Giambrone
Thu, Jan 12 10:00 am CST How to Cultivate a Culture of Results, Retention and Referrals Annie Malaythong
Fri, Jan 6 10:00 am CST FBA ShowThe FBA Show: BIG Plans, Sneak Peek's and 2023 Trends Josh Leve


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The FBA is proud to partner with the best companies in the business, providing equipment, services and solutions to our ever-expanding fitness industry.

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Upcoming Vendor Education Sessions

Mon, Feb 13 9:00 am CST Case StudyHow One Personal Trainer Took Her Business Online With PT Distinction Remi Haik


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Most people don’t go into the fitness industry to become millionaires.

Most go into the field because of their own experience with health and fitness and/or the desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

Happy New Year! Welcome to tax season.

Sorry to bring you down right away with tax season information but my hope here is to actually provide you tools and ideas to make this tax season stress free.

How can you build a successful fitness business or career that’s capable of producing $10,000 a month in income?

Over the years, we’ve seen many fitness business owners come and go. The ones that “make it” and grow to a 6-figure income all use powerful systems to overcome obstacles to achieve real growth.

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