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Tue, Jul 27 1:00 pm CDT Creating a Customer Experience that WOWs Your Clients and Adds Significant Value to Your Coaching Jenna Zaffino
Sun, Aug 1 1:00 pm CDT How to Strengthen Client Relationships for Business Growth Lauren Eirk
Thu, Aug 5 1:00 pm CDT WebinarStudio Fitness Reinvented Dave Hannum
Tue, Aug 10 1:00 pm CDT From Going Under to STACKING CASH in the Next 12 Weeks Sean Greeley

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Fri, Jul 23 10:00 am CDT How to Write a Business Plan That Gets Your Business (and Dream) Funded Micah Logan
Thu, Jul 22 1:00 pm CDT WebinarElevating Fitness Professionals by Understanding Professional Liability Jennifer Urmston Lowe
Tue, Jul 20 1:00 pm CDT KeynoteLeadership in Times of Change Petra Kolber
Tue, Jul 13 1:00 pm CDT 10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas That Generate PT Leads Now Mike Gelfgot


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Every year trends come and go, yet some seem to be in the top 5 year after year.  However, 2020 and so far 2021 have been unlike anything we could have prepared for.  So how have things changed?  What can you do to prepare yourself now and into the future?


Have you ever wondered, just how many clients can I fit within the 4 walls of my physical space?  When will the walls feel like they're closing in?  Is the sky really the limit?  What if I told you that there was a simple formula to answer all these questions?  Well, there is...read on!





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Sat, Jul 24 12:00 pm CDT Video TipLeveraging Technology to Build Communities, Tip Brought to you by Talent Hack Alexandra Bonetti
Sat, Jul 24 11:45 am CDT Case StudySFIC Insurance: The Best Decision You Can Make for Your Fitness Business Micah Logan
Sat, Jul 24 11:20 am CDT Micro-Learning SessionTrainerize: the all-in-one software your fitness business needs Laura Dunlop
Sat, Jul 24 10:30 am CDT Case StudyHow One Fitness Business Massively Differentiates Itself from the Competition with SportsArt Equipment David Matthews


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(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, New York, NY, July 26, 2021) – The Fitness Business Association (FBA) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition of Talent Hack to its most prestigious Platinum sponsorship tier – the level of engagement selected by companies that are “all in” to serving the FBA and entire fitness Community.

Launched in 2019, by tech wellness entrepreneur, Alexandra Bonetti, Talent Hack is a tech platform that exists to propel enterprising professionals forward in their wellness career: from tools and resources to build and scale their businesses to access the best job opportunities in the fitness and wellness space.

Everyone, no matter their job or industry, deserves to make a living wage. As a business owner, however, the lines may get a little blurred. You’re straddling the need to invest in your business and your team and sometimes paying yourself isn’t the highest priority.

We’d like to change that narrative.

The past 15 months have been challenging to say the least; however, in some aspects the pandemic has become a catalyst for positive change. And for many, it seems that change is making physical and mental health and wellbeing a higher priority.

If Americans continue to explore new ways to activate or maintain healthy lifestyles, we are only six months away from what could be the biggest January ‘New Year’s resolution return’ to gyms on record. The time is NOW to update a space for fitness activity.

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