The fitness world changed in 2020 and so should your memberships.

That means you continue to offer your incredible classes, whether they’re online or in-studio. By offering new types of memberships, your clients can get in shape and your business will continue to thrive.

Personal training: it’s available pretty much everywhere nowadays.

So what sets one offering apart from the next? And what helps certain personal trainers stand out from their competitors? The answer is simple: credibility

At the turn of the year we are seeing some indicators that the COVID crisis might be ebbing. Many states that have had rather draconian measures in place have reversed course and are now talking about opening indoor dining and this heralds probable relaxing of the restrictions placed on gyms and fitness clubs.

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Thu, Feb 25 1:00 pm CST WebinarEnhance & Equip the Hybrid Member Experience Elisabeth Fouts
Thu, Feb 25 2:00 pm CST Watch PartyBecome a Rockstar in the Virtual World Helen Vanderburg
Sat, Feb 27 1:00 pm CST WorkshopHow to Launch, Market & Scale Your Hybrid Model Pat Rigsby
Sun, Feb 28 8:00 am CST Micro-Learning SessionStop Surviving. Start Thriving: How to Equip Your Business for Success Len Fridman
Sun, Feb 28 9:00 am CST Video TipLiability Waivers Tip brought to you by SFIC Jennifer Urmston Lowe
Sun, Feb 28 1:00 pm CST Watch PartyCharge What You're Worth: A Simple Formula for Packaging, Pricing and Selling Lindsay Vastola
Mon, Mar 1 1:00 pm CST Virtual Social Hour Josh Leve
Tue, Mar 2 10:00 am CST WorkshopSUCCEED! Workshop: Grow Your Business Without Spending a Dime on Ads Sean Greeley
Tue, Mar 2 2:00 pm CST SUCCEED! Workshop: The 9 Steps to Developing The Leaders You Need to Scale Your Business Sean Greeley
Wed, Mar 3 10:00 am CST SUCCEED! Workshop: 30 Exercises for Online Training at Home (Learn-by-Demonstration) Robert Linkul
Wed, Mar 3 2:00 pm CST SUCCEED! Workshop: Magnetic Marketing To Attract Higher Ticket Clients Ryan Obernesser
Thu, Mar 4 10:00 am CST Coffee & Connect with FBA Founder & CEO Josh Leve
Fri, Mar 5 7:00 am CST Day 1: SUCCEED! The FBA Virtual Conference & Expo SUCCEED! Virtual Conference & Expo
Sat, Mar 6 8:00 am CST Day 2: SUCCEED! The FBA Virtual Conference & Expo SUCCEED! Virtual Conference & Expo
Sun, Mar 7 8:00 am CST Day 3: SUCCEED! The FBA Virtual Conference & Expo SUCCEED! Virtual Conference & Expo

Recent Sessions, Available to Watch

Wed, Feb 24 1:00 pm CST Watch PartyLeading Through Chaos: Come Out on the Other Side Stronger than Before Dane Miklaus
Tue, Feb 23 1:00 pm CST KeynoteLeadership in Times of Change Petra Kolber
Thu, Feb 11 1:00 pm CST WebinarInsurance Needs for Virtual Training Jennifer Urmston Lowe
Thu, Jan 28 1:00 pm CST WebinarHow To Use Social Media to Drive Your Fitness Business Victoria Lovering
Mon, Jan 25 1:00 pm CST PodcastKicking Down Doors to New Referral Sources Joanne Macza
Mon, Jan 18 1:00 pm CST PodcastB to B Networking. Let’s Rise Together Brennan Donahue
Thu, Jan 14 1:00 pm CST WebinarPayroll as a Platform for Strength and Agility Drew Schildwachter
Wed, Jan 6 1:00 pm CST PodcastBranding for Dummies Justin Brown
Thu, Dec 3 1:00 pm CST WebinarThe Virtual World is Your New Studio: Tips on How to Launch and Monetize a Virtual Studio Offering Joey Stabile
Sat, Nov 21 1:00 pm CST PodcastCreating Your Own Fitness Category Mark Chavez