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Thu, Sep 29 10:00 am CDT 7 Things Every Elite Trainer Should Know How to Do Michael Hughes
Thu, Oct 6 10:00 am CDT The Science of Beating Burnout as an Entrepreneur Shannon Fable
Thu, Oct 13 10:00 am CDT Increasing Community Awareness on a Strict Budget Ann Gilbert
Thu, Oct 20 10:00 am CDT Client Autonomy: Strategies To Help Clients Become Self-Motivated Jenna Zaffino

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Thu, Sep 22 10:00 am CDT From Zero to 7-Figures: The Only 3 Business Systems You’ll Ever Need Sean Greeley
Fri, Sep 16 10:00 am CDT FBA ShowFBA Show: Digital Engagement and Monetizing Experiences Josh Leve
Fri, Sep 16 10:00 am CDT FBA ShowFBA Show: Digital Engagement and Monetizing Experiences Sara Allen
Fri, Sep 16 10:00 am CDT FBA ShowFBA Show: Digital Engagement and Monetizing Experiences Dan Duran


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Josh Leve, Founder & CEO, FBA & SUCCEED!


Staying ahead of what's happening in the industry is one of the best ways to drive forward your fitness business.  It allows you the ability to survey the field, make changes when necessary, and be prepared for anything.


When it comes to WOW factors, the secret is in the surprise. Going out of your way to make your clients feel special will cause reverberations felt throughout their day, week, sometimes month.





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The FBA is proud to partner with the best companies in the business, providing equipment, services and solutions to our ever-expanding fitness industry.

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You can learn more and explore company profiles on our partners page.

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Fri, Sep 23 9:00 am CDT Micro-Learning Session3 Key Ways to Grow Your Business With Corporate Wellness Ron McPhee
Fri, Sep 23 9:00 am CDT Video TipWhy Personal Trainers Make Great Health Coaches Jenny Scott
Thu, Sep 22 1:00 pm CDT WebinarClient Engagement - Why You Want It and How to Build It Tiffani Bassi
Wed, Sep 21 9:00 am CDT Video Tip4 Reasons Clients Struggle to Count Calories Ana Hernandez
Tue, Sep 20 9:00 am CDT Video TipShopping for Insurance Coverage During a Hardening Market Anthony Hicks
Tue, Sep 20 9:00 am CDT Video Tip3 Easy Ways To Generate 5-Star Reviews and Why It's Important Sunny Stuart


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As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I am a huge proponent of semi-private training and believe it is the most beneficial fitness business model for growth. For the past several years, most new gym franchises that have opened focus on large group training models.

Meanwhile, online training has grown exponentially during the pandemic, making both large group and online training models very crowded spaces

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, September 2, 2022) – The Fitness Business Association (FBA) is ecstatic with the performance of its latest SUCCEED! Virtual Conference.

Proving that virtual conferences if done right are here to stay, the event again had over 2,000 attendees, increased to 80+ sessions, included a Fireside Chat with NPE, keynote from Shannon Fable and several additional significant enhancements which included...

As personal trainers and fitness professionals, it is essential to be different and help you stand out from the crowd. Your niche is the area of your industry that you decide to focus on. Deciding on your niche will help you build and scale your business while bringing in more clients and helping more people with their goals.

Finding a niche as soon as possible is essential for an online trainer.

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