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Thu, Dec 2 12:15 pm CST PodiumClosing Session Josh Leve
Thu, Dec 2 12:15 pm CST PodiumClosing Session Shannon Blake
Thu, Dec 2 11:45 am CST PodiumSee Podium’s Platform in Action Chase Funk
Thu, Dec 2 11:15 am CST PodiumSMS Text Marketing 101- How to Get Started Using the Most Effective Marketing Channel Shannon Blake


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Running a member attendance challenge strikes a chord with so many because it's simple to do, yet encourages your clientele to stay on track with their fitness goals. 


When it comes down to it, the people's lives you change means everything, but leveraging this challenge gives you an opportunity for your members or clients to share the fun with friends and family - making this challenge a true lead generator if implemented correctly.





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Sat, Nov 20 11:30 am CST Video TipOutdoor Fitness Space Planning Quick Tips Elisabeth Fouts
Sat, Nov 20 11:00 am CST Case StudyInterview: My Experience with Fit Bodies Teaching Vacations, and why YOU should Travel too! Beth Jeffers
Sat, Nov 20 10:30 am CST Video TipVirtual Workouts Tip brought to you by SFIC Jennifer Urmston Lowe
Sat, Nov 20 10:00 am CST Micro-Learning SessionEnergy-Producing Fitness: A Deep Dive into SportsArt’s ECO-POWR Technology Ruben Mejia


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Amsterdam, November 29, 2021

The short and long-term success of the fitness industry is dependent on fitness businesses providing more personalized and localized experiences for their customers, according to leading fitness industry brands and influencers speaking at FitNation 2021. 

One of the best things about using Profit First in your business, aside from the peace of mind in knowing the money you need is there when you need it, is quarterly profit distribution time. Once a quarter, you get to dig into your Profit bank account and take a portion of it--half, if you’re following Profit First carefully--and distribute it to yourself.

The amount in your Profit account will fluctuate from quarter to quarter based on your business’s revenue for that quarter, but you should always set aside the same percentage.

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, November 22, 2021) – The Fitness Business Association (FBA) today announced the success of its 1st ever SUCCEED! Innovation & Solutions Summit held on Friday, November 12.

Billed as a virtual event where technology and business solutions take center stage, the summit generated nearly 2,500 registrants and subsequent page views combined as attendees were eager to take in the sessions.

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