FAQs: The Fitness Business Association (FBA)

Q: What is the FBA?

A: The Fitness Business Association (FBA) is the premier organization aimed to empower fitness professionals by offering them an exclusive opportunity to elevate their skill sets, reinforce their technical certifications, and bridge critical knowledge gaps that set them apart in today's competitive landscape.

As the fitness industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the demand for highly qualified and specialized professionals has reached unprecedented heights. Recognizing the industry's need for comprehensive and advanced training, the FBA designed the FBA Certification Program that goes beyond traditional technical qualifications. This cutting-edge program enables fitness professionals, studios, and gyms to unlock their full potential, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise necessary to excel in their careers.

The FBA is the direct link between all fitness businesses, suppliers, fitness professionals, and consumers - connecting all segments of this vibrant industry. Contact us at: info@fbafitness.com


Q: Who can join the FBA?

A:  The FBA is open to all fitness studios, gyms, and fitness professionals and any discipline: personal training, Pilates, yoga, cycling, MMA etc. Vendors/Sponsors/Suppliers are welcome too!  Those providing products and services that serve the needs of our audience may inquire about becoming more actively involved with the FBA.  


Q: Who’s supporting the FBA?  

A: Our industry support comes from over 50 partnerships that share our mission and vision.  Included among them are every major certifying organization and the top brands in the entire fitness industry.  But our activities are not limited to these organizations and companies.  We work harmoniously with all.


Q: Why is the FBA necessary?  

A: A more successful fitness community means a healthier society – which is good for us all.  Our goal is to ensure all fitness businesses and fitness professionals unlock their professional potential by developing their skills and taking their income potential to a whole new level.


Q: Aren’t there already plenty of fitness associations?  

A: There are many organizations that provide instruction on how to be a better trainer or instructor when it comes to the technical aspects of training your clients or members.  We leave that to them.  Our focus is on building upon your technical certification, elevating your skill set, and filling in the critical knowledge gaps that truly set you apart.


Q: Can I join the FBA if I’m already a member of another association?  

A: Yes! We welcome all.

Q: How does the FBA Certification Program work?  

A: Detailed Q&A's re. our certification can be found at the bottom of this page


Q: How can I reach an FBA representative?  

A: You may contact us or call 612-213-2375 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.