FAQs: The Fitness Business Association (FBA)

Q: What is the FBA?

A: The Fitness Business Association (FBA) is the only membership organization for fitness studios, gyms, and fitness professionals that are better informed, educated, and inspired.

At the FBA, attend, engage, and participate in the education that excites you the most. With monthly keynotes, workshops, interactive networking opportunties, watch parties, and direct contact with the FBA CEO - you connect on your time for endless motivation and inspiration to get better every day!

The FBA is the direct link between all fitness businesses, suppliers, fitness professionals, and consumers - connecting all segments of this vibrant industry. Contact us at: info@fbafitness.com


Q: Who can join the FBA?

A: Anyone who wants to start or grow their fitness business. Vendors may contact us to learn more about partnering with the FBA. Members can be fitness studios, gyms, or fitness professionals and any discipline: personal training, Pilates, yoga, cycling, MMA etc. 

Vendors/Sponsors/Suppliers are welcome too!  Those providing products and services that serve the needs of our audience may contact us to learn what opportunities exist to reach out audience.  


Q: Who’s supporting the FBA?  

A: Our industry support comes from over 70 partnerships that share our mission and vision.  Included among them are every major certifying organization and the top brands in the entire fitness industry.  But our activities are not limited to these organizations and companies.  We work harmoniously with all.


Q: Why is the FBA necessary?  

A: A healthier fitness business community means a healthier society – which is good for us all.  Our goal is to ensure all fitness businesses have a voice - with the FBA we're stronger together. 


Q: Aren’t there already plenty of fitness associations?  

A: There are many organizations that provide instruction on how to be a better trainer or instructor.  We leave that to them.  Our focus is on protecting the interests of our members, increasing their credibility and professionalism with providing the platform to increase profitability.  Building on th passion they've already shown.  


Q: Can I join the FBA if I’m already a member of another association?  

A: Yes! We welcome all.


Q: How can I reach an FBA representative?  

A: You may contact us or call 312-361-1144 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.





 FAQs: SUCCEED! The FBA Virtual Conference & Expo

What is SUCCEED! The FBA Virtual Conference & Expo all about?  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our major convention and Expo called SUCCEED! has been taken online!  The online event boasts education from the best educators inside and outside of the fitness industry to bring you the best opportunity to emerge from this pandemic more profitable!  This is a great opportunity for the entire fitness industry to enjoy!

Who should attend?

Any fitpro, fitness business, manager, and/or independent contractor.  For those fitness businesses, we welcome any size, discipline, or tenure in business including fitness lovers with an entrepreneurial spirit, who have or who plan to parlay their passion for health and wellness doing what they love. Industry leaders and influencers who want to connect with others and hold meaningful dialog for the future of the industry.
Is SUCCEED! really free?

Yes! You can attend our events for free anytime we're having them!  

What else should I know?

While access to the education is free, we do provide an exciting opportunity (for a very nominal fee) for CEC/CEUs, and the ability to watch and re-watch sessions on your own time and for an extended duration by becoming an FBA member. 

How do the sessions work exactly?

All sessions will start PROMPTLY at their scheduled time. You may jump around to other sessions scheduled at the same time as well.  FBA members receive VIP access to every SUCCEED! event for life and can access all sessions (upcoming and in the past) at any time! 

My video quality of the sessions is choppy and/or pixelated...why? 

The quality of the session playback is entirely tied to your internet connection. Please ensure you are connected via a high-speed connection without any other applications running in the background to ensure the highest quality sound and video. We also highly recommend you restart your computer prior to attending the conference.

What about the Q&A during and after each session, how does that work?

Every session has its own virtual room where the session will start playing promptly at their scheduled time. During the session you can use the discussion forum directly under the video to ask questions.  

After each session ends, there is a Live Q&A with the speaker via Zoom.  Just make sure you have Zoom installed on your computer. Please keep in mind, due to the volume of attendees (several thousand) it’s possible your question may not get answered.

How do I engage with other attendees during the weekend?

It’s easy! There will be a large button to access the virtual forum where on-going discussion will be happening to ask questions about specific sessions and get real-time feedback as well!

How do I earn my CECs/CEUs?

You will be sent a CEC/CEU grid.  If you haven't received please check your spam folder or email us at succeed@fbafitness.com.  You will then mark an 'X' next to each session you attend.  SUCCEED! will also evaluate participants to determine that you've accessed the event and stayed for the duration of each session for which you'd like to earn CEC/CEUs. 

How do I keep track of the sessions I've attended?

On your CEC/CEU grid make sure to mark an 'X' next to each session you attend and that you'd like to receive your CEC/CEUs.

When do I get my certificate of achievement?

Once SUCCEED! can properly determine that you've attended the event and the appropriate sessions necessary, we'll promptly send your Certificate of Achievement.  You do not need to do anything on your end, we'll handle it all!

What do I send to my certifying organization to get credit?

We recommend you send your completed CEC/CEU grid with the sessions you attended AND your certificate of achievement. 

Have more questions?

Contact us at succeed@fbafitness.com and we'll get back to you ASAP!