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About Fitness Marketing Agency

Fitness Marketing Agency’s purpose is to empower and educate Gym Owners and Coaches in order to impact more people. FMA provide Fitness Businesses with the skills and tools to successfully market and sell their product/service allowing them to continue to grow their business. FMA are fanatical about client results which is why they offer so much more than just marketing. FMA will give you all of the training and resources you need to build and grow a successful Fitness Business.


Fitness Marketing Agency was founded in 2018 by Ben Davis who has an extensive background in fitness and marketing. The company has rapidly grown into a team of 25 staff members working with 350+ Fitness Business Owners worldwide. FMA has won two prestigious marketing awards and is partnered with some of the fitness industry leaders.

Fitness Marketing Agency in the Fitness Community

Fitness Marketing Agency provides the marketing solution that gets Gym Owners and Coaches enquiries daily and new client sales weekly in order to impact more people.

Alongside the fitness businesses FMA works with on a daily basis they have also sponsored a competitive fitness event and sponsored one of their clients, an athlete who took part in Wodsaleno, the most Adaptive-Focused Crossfit competition in the world.

FMA has hired out multiple stadiums for their client-only events providing the fitness businesses they work with the opportunity to network in order to build a strong community allowing their clients to grow and develop further.

  Charlie Horton, Sales & Marketing Manager


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