In this edition of FBA Insider: Tips from the CEO...

We're showcasing the remaining 3 trends happening in the fitness industry RIGHT NOW.  Don't miss the first 3 and makes sure you stay connected to the FBA for more industry-related trends happening all the time!

Understanding the trends going on in today's fitness landscape can have massive repercussions on your business, not just now but in the future. And in the words of the late Stephen Tharrett, "Market research provides a framework for acting, whether proactively or reactively, on the constant changes that arise in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace." 

So when watching this episode remember that you're taking one step forward towards dramatically increasing your odds of success by adopting best practices from the best of the best. 

Enjoy this short, action-packed, insight directly from our CEO himself!

What can you expect to learn?

- Why the experience is king, no matter what platform you're on
- Why an insane amount of $$$ is being pumped into the fitness industry
- How you can leverage what you do to fit into the client's lifestyle, not the opposite


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