Interview with Stephanie Ward, Owner at Train Strong Fit.

We interviewed Stephanie to learn more about her experience working with FitHive to grow her business. 

  • (0:45) Tell us a little about you and your background and how you came to be a Personal Trainer?
  • (2:35) Tell us about how you managed as a Personal Trainer before FitHive? What Apps, Software did you use?
  • (3:54) Why did you begin working with FitHive?
  • (5:12) What areas of your business were you looking to change?
  • (6:49) How has their software enhanced your PT business? What surprised you about how it helped your business?
  • (9:45) What would you tell others when it comes to recommending FitHive for their business needs?

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Stephanie Ward

14 years ago I was stressed, overworked, not exercising, 30lbs overweight and realized I needed a drastic lifestyle change? I discovered my passion for weight training, fitness and health, lost those 30+lbs and transformed by body, mind and lifestyle! I became a CPT in 2012 and co-owner of the gym where I started. In 2014 I took a big leap and opened my own personal & group training studio Train Strong Fit which has grown into 2 locations. Helping people change their lives for the better through exercise and nutrition is my passion and it's my mission to change the health of the world!


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