What you can expect to learn...

  • How the Industry is Changing Towards a More Cohesive Wellness Approach
  • Adaptive Fitness Programs
  • Community-Centric Fitness Platforms
  • Mental Health and Fitness Integration
  • Senior Friendly Fitness Programs
  • Special guest Omar J. Nasouri, Gym Site Solutions

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Josh Leve

Josh Leve is the Founder & CEO of the Fitness Business Association (FBA) and SUCCEED! the FBA Virtual Fitness Conference & Expo. With FBA's collective audience close to 100,000 and nearly 70 industry partnerships, its success has translated into Josh being featured in all major fitness publications and a spotlight speaker at IHRSA, Athletic Business, Mindbody BOLD, Club Industry, NSCA, NASM, EMPOWER!, ZUMBA, and many more.

Sara Allen

Sara Allen is the VP of Business Development for the FBA and SUCCEED! With extensive knowledge in sales, customer service, and operations, Sara specializes in marketing strategies, product launches, and business operations for all of FBA's strategic accounts. Sara's heart is in the business of fitness and is a big believer in passion fuels success, and is ecstatic she's found her passion serving FBA members and partners.

Omar J. Nasouri

After 22 years in the fitness industry, Omar is committed to helping gym and fitness studio owners. He provides a unique blend of modern gym website design, print promotional material, and fitness business coaching to empower others to achieve success in the fitness space. You can learn more about Omar and Gym Site Solutions at: https://gymsitesolutions.com/


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