Advancement for Any Fitness Professional

Pros at any career stage will benefit from advancing their skills.
See the areas of most impact for: Starting pros, Established Pros, and Independent Trainers / Solopreneurs.



Become More Hireable in Any Position You Seek

Add your certification to your resume. Prepare to talk about its benefits in interviews.

Dramatically Increase Your Odds of Success

Tell your team of your new skillset. Let clients know of your expertise and ability to guide them.

Earn More as You Level Up Your Training Tier

If you work at a facility with training levels or tiers, claim advancement with your certification.

Achieve Peak Fitness Results Consistently

Use your FBA-C skills to close more, sales, get more higher-paying clients, and strategies to retain them with ease.

The FBA Certification is a powerful springboard to success and confidence in the industry.

Michael Romig, President, PG Fit

Negotiate Higher Training Fees

Use your FBA-C confidence to seek higher fees from clients, upsell packages, and increase their commitment to programs.

The FBA-C program will teach you how to:
Use a sales system, handle objections, increase the value of your packages, and motivate and influence prospects.

Help Clients Find More Success

Use your FBA-C skills to help clients get more motivated, stay on track and reach goals.

Pursue More Responsibility

Inform your business and team that you are ready for more challenges. Identify your desired career path and pursue advancement.

Advance Your Knowledge

Take advantage of the FBA-C Program deep knowledge library. Attend events included in the program.

Become Known Within the Fitness Industry

Use your VIP status for FBA and SUCCEED! opportunities like presenting at events, newsletter spotlights, roundtables and more.

Leverage Your FBA-C Logos


On your website

Add the FBA-C logo on your website and link to your FBA Pro profile.


On your business card and flyers

Showcase your higher standard in all your printed materials.


At your sales desk

Print and frame your FBA Certification.


FBA Certification is a Big Deal: Spread the Word!

Announce and promote your latest certification everywhere! (On social media, to clients, friends and more!)

FBA Directory and Web Page

Use your FBA-C profile page to promote your services.

Get and Close More Leads

Increase your essential skills in marketing and sales.

Increase Retention

Use your FBA-C skills to motivate clients, get them better results, keep them happy and referring.



All included in a single flat fee:
FBA Certification + CEC/CEUs
+ SUCCEED! Full Access + Association Perks

Only $249/yr $499

Renews at $249/yr. Easy cancel anytime.


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