What You'll Learn

FBA Certification expertly guides you through 3 core areas to develop the necessary skills only touched upon with your technical certifications.



Client Success Models

Optimize client communication and program adherence. Advance your understanding of client needs. Deliver top experiences that increase satisfaction and retention.


Career Advancement

Strengthen your professional mindset, pursue a healthy work-life balance, and learn the keys to career progress.


Essential Performance Skills for Every Fitpro

What every fitpro needs no matter the environment: communication confidence, sales skills, marketing intuition, learn to lead.



Client Success

Happier clients that stay longer, refer more, and find more success.


Expand Your Client Base, Command Higher Fees

Engaged clients stay longer, pay more, and refer more people to you. Making you more in demand. Communicate better, sell with confidence.

Help Clients Reach More Goals

Become a more confident and in-tune practitioner. Listen better, identify solutions faster. Get better at guiding your clients to achieve their goals.

Integrate Better, More Engaging Training Techniques

Program like a pro: Customize programs, add variation, keep clients on track and motivated.


Career Development

Carve your place in the fitness industry, increase your impact, and reach your potential.


Stand Out and Become More Hireable

Increasing your skills helps you attract higher-value clients, or become more desirable to facility hiring managers.

Better Work-Life Balance

Gain more control. Learn the skills that allow you to make your own choices: book yourself busy, and/or increase your fees, and achieve the desired balance in your life.

Plan a Roadmap for Advancement in the Industry

The connections to create a game plan for ultimate success. Do you seek higher income or more leadership opportunities? FBA Certification will connect and guide you wherever you want to go.


Essential Industry Skills

The skills and confidence required to succeed in the modern fitness industry.


Build Your Brand

Learn to position yourself in the industry, in front of your clients and also your peers. Increase your reach and influence through marketing and leadership.

Close More Sales, Retain More Clients

Fitpros are constantly required to sell their services. Learn to enjoy the process and do it with confidence. Learn all the secrets to retention, to keep your clients happy and your schedule busy.

Become Confident Like a Top Pro

Advancing your skills in all the critical areas gives you the boost to operate at a new level. Use your new confidence to achieve better results for yourself, your clients, your team, and your business.


Sales and Marketing Can Be Easy!

Learn the techniques used by top pros through the FBA Certification coursework.

How to Sell So People Buy Everytime

Gini Grimsley | Director of Fitness Product, VASA Fitness

Generate 100's of News Leads Through Referrals

Marc Coronel | Owner, Energia Fitness LLC

Get Clients to Commit to Long-term Packages

Jenna Zaffino | Founder, jennazaffino.com

Earn More by Attracting Higher Quality Clients

Ric Isaac | Senior Success Coach, NPE


The Impact of FBA Certification

The most powerful investment for any fitpro.



A Comprehensive Curriculum To Make You Successful

A complete roadmap of the most important skills fitpros need to become confident and operate successfully in the modern fitness landscape.


Future-Proof Investment

Round out your skills with a mix of the latest ideas, coupled with timeless performance principles. The knowledge in this program will serve you well throughout your entire career, and start paying dividends immediately. Stay relevant and in demand.


Proven Track Record of Success

Knowledge extracted from hundreds of education sessions by the best educators and practitioners in the industry. Learn from dozens of successful experts who train clients, run facilities, and teach the best ideas. Vetted by the premier Fitness Business Association in the industry.



All included in a single flat fee:
FBA Certification + CEC/CEUs
+ SUCCEED! Full Access + Association Perks

Only $299/yr $499

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