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Yoga is a $106 billion dollar industry. Uplevel with YogaFit's Yoga Sculpt two-in-one training.

About YogaFit

YogaFit is the world's #1 leader in certified yoga teacher training with science based education and a fitness focus.

We offer live, online but live, fully recorded education and a hybrid with self-study to uplevel fitness professionals who want to incorporate yoga and mind body training into their programming.


For more than 23 years, YogaFit has been educating yoga enthusiasts, teachers and professionals with the highest quality of in-person and virtual yoga education and teaching certification programs. When you attend a YogaFit training, you will join a vibrant, connected community of over 250,000 yoga enthusiasts all over the world.

YogaFit in the Fitness Community

Creating education and opportunities for fitness professionals to add yoga to their personal and professional tool box.

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