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Trusted by over one hundred thousand fitness professionals worldwide, Wix Fit is an all-in-one software solution that gives you everything you need to build a strong online presence, manage your every day and deliver the best member experience—all from a single platform.
Wix Fit’s broad feature set includes the most effective tools to run your operations such as online booking & payment systems, membership management, and client check-in. Additionally, Wix Fit offers features that your clients have come to expect, like live streaming & VOD, online challenge programs, and even a mobile app to help track progress toward their goals.

To help grow your businesses, you can use Wix Fit’s built-in marketing suite, which includes automated emails, a promotional video maker, advanced SEO plans, creation and management of social campaigns, and more. You can also drive new revenue streams by selling your merch & gear with eCommerce and dropshipping options, and build a stronger client community using Wix Groups and Wix Forums, sharing content via a blog, and using detailed reports designed to optimize your business performance.

Use the Wix Owner app to run and grow your business from anywhere, and offer your members to go mobile with the Fit by Wix app, where they can book classes with a tap, access virtual content, track their performance and chat with trainers and other studio members.

For an even more customized and consistent brand experience, you can build your own native fitness mobile app using the app builder Branded App by Wix, which enables you ultimate ownership and creative freedom over your app experience.

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Wix Fit was originally launched in 2019, amid the industry’s rapid shift to a hybrid fitness model. Since the beginning of 2020, 44% of Wix Fit businesses that have been created are either hybrid or completely virtual. The company is continuously innovating to deliver best-in-class solutions for its customers.

Wix Fit is part of Wix, a leading, cloud-based web development platform with over 215 million users worldwide.

Wix Fit in the Fitness Community

In today’s uncertain landscape, fitness businesses need to constantly evolve—with many leaning more and more into a hybrid approach. Wix Fit was designed alongside professional trainers and studio owners in order to meet their needs, provide them the opportunity to maximize their online presence, and grow their business while still developing meaningful virtual engagement with their members.

The Wix Fit team continues to talk regularly with trainers and studio owners to ensure our feature set is continually improving to meet their needs. Through social media, our growing Wix Fit Community offers fitness professionals from across the globe a platform to share success stories, support and inspire each other, and—just like they do for their clients—push each other to reach their fullest potential.

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 Karin Baruch, Product Marketing Manager

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