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About TrueCoach

TrueCoach is the best way to build customized workouts. Let’s not forget about tracking metrics and building relationships with your clients through real-time messaging and detailed feedback—all in-app. We bring you one fully immersive platform that scales along with you in your coaching journey, and along with your clients on their fitness journey. 

We know the impact of a powerful experience to create customer loyalty for life. We take care of the boring admin work so you can focus on delivering an exceptional experience every time. The better you are at what you love, the better the results your clients will see. And, the better the experience your clients have with you, the more referrals and word of mouth championing your business. TrueCoach has all the tools to make this a reality.


TrueCoach is brought to you by Xplor, the first global platform integrating software, payments, and commerce-enabling services to help businesses thrive. Started in 2015, TrueCoach was started to help take care of the boring admin work it takes to run a successful business, so coaches can do what they do best - train clients.

TrueCoach in the Fitness Community

TrueCoach provides a platform for coaches to easily run their businesses all in one place. They can program workouts, take payments, talk to clients, and plan ahead so they have more time to train the clients they already have AND find new ones.

FBA Members Get 30 Days of FREE Access to TrueCoach