Join OUTAIM! Designed for anyone that seeks to create an inclusive fitness environment for the LGBTQ+ community.
Host an OUTAthlete at your fitness, health or wellness space or encourage a LGBTQ+ Athlete to join us.

About The OUT Foundation

The OUT Foundation’s mission is to remove the barriers that block LGBTQ+ individuals’ from access and participation in fitness, health, and wellness, ensuring their success.

We are dedicated to nurturing, empowering, and celebrating LGBTQ+ bodies and minds, guaranteeing our community thrives.


In 2011, we hosted the first “OUTWOD” gay CrossFit meetup in New York City.

Now, known as The OUT Foundation, we are a nationally recognized non-profit organization since 2017 that has expanded to work across fitness modalities in 42 states and 3 countries around the world to make health, fitness and wellness more inclusive, welcoming and accessible to the LGBTQ+ community

The OUT Foundation in the Fitness Community

Walking into a fitness environment is already intimidating, especially if you’re new. LGBTQ+ people face even more of a barrier finding safety and comfort in traditional fitness spaces. That’s why we’re here.

Through our programs, we work to ensure the success of LGBTQ+ individuals by removing the obstacles that prevent access and participation in fitness, health, and wellness spaces. Members of the LGBTQ+ community want a space to feel like themselves and not worry about the danger of wearing a rainbow shirt, bringing their partner, or using the restroom they want in gyms.

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