About Studio Grow

Grow Your Studio. Grow Your Profits. Grow Your Life.
Studio Grow is the industry’s premier boutique fitness consulting firm.
We’ve helped thousands of clients in over 35 countries.
From studio inception to refining your business operations and member-base growth, our results-driven programs delivers.
We’ve got your back.


What happens when a serial boutique fitness entrepreneur realizes the industry standards will never add up to a profitable business? A consulting company to rewrite all the rules.
Studio Grow was founded in 2016 by multi-7 figure studio owner Lise Kuecker. Over a decade Lise had opened studios from east to west coast and north to south and rewritten how boutique fitness studios could be run. Since then Studio Grow has worked in 35 countries with tens of thousands of boutique fitness studios and their owners in the quest to gain more freedom, serve their purpose and increase their profits.

Studio Grow in the Fitness Community

We are a team of wildly talented business brains, digital marketers, finance gurus, copywriters, and operations consultants who are passionate about health and fitness.
With decades of combined experience in the fitness industry, we KNOW where you are coming from and we can help you to grow your business into a profitable, sustainable, freeing empire.


We know this industry like the back of our hand and know that regular "business coaching" might not always translate. We understand your clients, your challenges, and this unique market as it evolves rapidly. Learn to run your studio profitably, fill your classes & finally pay yourself what you’re really worth—all without working insane hours.
We’re so excited to work with you.

 Rory Flynn


FBA Members Receive a Complimentary 30-minute Studio Success Audit