MyCPR NOW's certifications and course materials were made to provide you with actionable knowledge and skills that can help save or sustain a life until help can arrive. Our mission is to provide high-quality course material and exams that can be taken online. The sooner a victim can be helped, the better the chances of survival.

We understand that busy individuals often don't have time to take a day off of work to attend an in-person class or workshop. That is why we created MyCPR NOW. You can learn basic health-focused skills online, at your own pace. Learning these skills can mean the difference between life and death. So, why MyCPR NOW? Because, you need to know CPR - NOW!


Our certifications, such as CPR and First Aid, were developed to enhance knowledge of basic health focused techniques and provide an educational resource for our clients.  All of our courses and exams are continually monitored to stay in line with current standards and research. MyCPR NOW course manuals and exams are freely available to the public for informational purposes. Our objective is to provide easy to learn, practical and actionable knowledge that can help save lives. Our courses are intended for those who do not have time to take an in-person classroom course. 

MyCPR NOW in the Fitness Community

MyCPR NOW has partnered with multiple fitness institutions (including FBA), gym chains and certification bodies to make learning CPR + First Aid accessible and affordable for fitness professionals.  We are happy to provide discounts to FBA members and to help promote safety in the fitness industry.

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