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About KISS Marketing

Kiss Marketing provides digital marketing services for fitness businesses so they can make the noise of their marketing frustrations go away…which means you'll start making more money, having more freedom, and enjoying life as a fitness business owner. 

Here’s what we do… 

  • Build websites that convert.

  • Run paid ads that make money.

  • Create social media pages you’re proud of. 

  • Write emails that get people to buy your memberships. 

  • Organize all your leads with our custom CRM. 

Most importantly, we’ll deliver all this to you with awesome communication and customer service.


A troubled gym guru with severe marketing issues meets the man of his dreams.

Vince Gabriele started his gym, Gabriele Fitness & Performance, in 2008 in Berkeley Heights, NJ. It’s one of the most ripped-off and respected gyms in the fitness industry to this day.

A unicorn in the gym industry, Vince grew his one location to $1.6 million in a town with just 10,000 people. This meant that this little gym that started in a pick-up truck was training over 5% of the population in the community. 

This brought gyms from all around the world beating down the door to ask Vince to teach them how he did it.

What they didn’t see was the carnage of marketing agencies he went through to get there. Constantly disappointed by a combo of over-promising and under-delivering, awful results, vanity metrics that never resulted in more money, and customer service so bad it would make your skin crawl…It was, and still remains one of the biggest frustrations he had to wade through on his way to success.

But help was on the way in the form of a Nerd from San Antonio.

Will Matthiessen, a 25-year-old tech nerd who was running a gym in San Antonio, Texas joined Vince’s business mastermind group. While Vince possessed a very good understanding of marketing and was even considered a marketing expert at this time…he certainly lacked the tech and digital skills to be able to build a digital marketing agency on his own.

Will was coding websites at age 10 and by 19 had launched and sold his first company himself. When started answering questions within the group, it was clear to Vince this was no ordinary kid who started a gym. Vince saw something very special in this young man and presented him with a business opportunity.

Still salty about all the bad agency experiences, he and Will launched a digital marketing agency that Vince vowed would be nothing like the industry had ever seen.

The agency would combine Vince’s Business and Marketing Expertise
with Will’s digital knowledge.

They called it KISS Marketing, using the popular phrase "keep it simple stupid"…because Vince always felt stupid after each of the bad agency experiences he had, but also because Vince knew that business success comes when things are kept simple. Especially on the marketing front.

KISS took the unique combination of 15 years of business success in the gym industry…with 15 years of success with digital marketing and tech…and formed one of the fastest-growing agencies in the health and fitness space.

Today KISS Marketing has over 200 gyms under their counsel and has a
ridiculous and unheard-of retention rate of 99%...pretty much nobody leaves them!

Their client list rings like a who's who in the fitness industry, with clients like Rick Mayo of Alloy Personal Training, Mark Fisher, Frank Nash, Devin Gage, Joe Hashey, and Andy McCloy.

Currently, the only clients KISS works with are Brick and Mortar Gyms.

KISS Marketing in the Fitness Community


KISS works with Gym Owners to help them get a grip on their digital marketing. We only work with gym owners because personal trainers that own gyms were never taught how to get new clients….which makes marketing very frustrating. Since our founders were formerly “frustrated with marketing” gym owners…they built KISS so you don't have to be. 

Learn more at kissmarketing.net

 Tom Leonardis


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