About Fitness On Demand

Fitness On Demand helps gyms increase revenue, improve acquisition and retention rates, and empower their members to live happier, healthier lives with world-class, digital fitness and wellness solutions that match every lifestyle and space.


We believe in empowering operators to deliver exceptional, omnichannel fitness experiences that attract, engage, and retain members. Our solutions are designed to not only elevate facilities’ offerings, but provide the perfect mix of innovation and motivation for members that keeps them coming back.

Fitness On Demand in the Fitness Community

The rapidly evolving fitness landscape has placed an increased importance on digital solutions and the ability to train outside the gym walls. Fitness On Demand makes it easy to meet those growing expectations with easy, accessible, and personalized fitness solutions that keep members engaged and retention rates up.

This makes it easy for your gym to:

  • Create an experience that reflects your brand with customized options, including signage, screen skins, and
a white-labeled mobile app
  • Simplify operations and provide a more complete, luxurious experience without increasing overhead costs
  • Gain valuable insights into member engagement and behavior through comprehensive analytics and reporting tools

And helps you offer members the opportunity to:

  • Participate in more than 1,200 on-demand workouts at any time, with programming created by the industry's leading brands.
  • Access the platform easily on their preferred devices
  • Track progress in a central hub and monitor progression over time
  • Practice mindfulness by participating in meditation programs, reading healthy living tips, and listening to podcasts

 Todd Wiginton, Director of Operations
 (952) 567-2710


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