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About EZ Facility

Run your fitness business like a pro! EZFacility’s all-in-one fitness software streamlines operations to help optimize your member experience, maximize profitability, and fuel growth.

Whether you manage a small but growing client base, or a large health club with thousands of members, EZFacility has the tools you need to succeed. Our simple, effective software suite automates essential tasks, provides engaging tools for your members, and offers valuable insight to help with business decisions.

Our team of software experts is standing by to help you unlock hidden savings, get back more time in your day, and take your business to new heights. Contact us today to find out how thousands of other fitness professionals have done it!


In 2003, we created EZFacility with a vision to build a great company, one that changes the way businesses are run through cutting-edge technology, delivers real value to our customers, creates substantial rewards and opportunities for our employees, and is an enjoyable place to work.

As we have grown from our humble beginnings in a one-bedroom apartment to one of the largest providers of feature-rich management software for the sports and fitness industries, we remain true to this vision and are proud of our progress. We’ve earned the trust of thousands of businesses around the world and have built a workforce that cares about our customers' success.

EZFacility empowers fitness professionals to transform the lives of their clients while simultaneously achieving their business goals.

EZ Facility in the Fitness Community

By streamlining operations, EZFacility allows owners to focus on business growth while significantly increasing their profitability. The user-friendly software saves time on essential business tasks, such as scheduling, billing, member management, payroll, inventory, and reporting. By giving members the ability to purchase new packages and schedule sessions online or in a mobile app, EZFacility helps keep revenue flowing to accelerate growth.

Through our ongoing development efforts, EZFacility helps propel innovation for the entire fitness industry. Together with our clients and partners, we’re helping to connect more people to the transformative power of fitness.

  Miranda Pruitt, Marketing Manager


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