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About Barbell Jobs

Your business depends on hiring good talent to thrive. Barbell Jobs is a specialized fitness job board that offers relief from expensive hiring platforms and low quality candidates.  We leverage a large network of fitness professionals and reach into fitness communities around the country.  Make your next hire faster with Barbell Jobs and watch your business grow.


What once started as a CrossFit jobs Facebook group in 2019 has now grown into a platform that offers an easier way for fitness businesses to hire fitness talent.  

With over 8,000 fitness professionals in our network, over 1,200 jobs posted, and hundreds of successful hires, Barbell Jobs has become a trusted source for fitness talent everywhere.

Barbell Jobs in the Fitness Community

Barbell Jobs was created FOR gym owners BY gym owners.  We realize the importance of making the right hires.  Our goal is to help business owners take their business to the next level by building an incredible team.

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