Eliminate back-office responsibilities with Band of Hands as your employment partner. It's simple and cost-effective!
Learn how Band of Hands benefits fitness business owners, and their employees. Don't own a business? No problem, we help fitpros too!

About Band of Hands

Band of Hands is a one-stop shop "HR in a Box" solution that handles everything related to employment in one cloud-based platform for one flat, low fee. Band of Hands works with fitness studio and gym owners to simplify the complexities of hiring, employing and staying compliant with the ever-changing employment laws. Our platform converts your independent contractors to employees and handles the administrative burdens of being an employer so you don't have to. Now, you can be an employer without being an employer!

With access to an exclusive marketplace of pre-screened talent, Band of Hands handles onboarding, time & attendance, HR, and payroll. Further, if someone isn't the right fit, they'll handle that too. With medical & dental benefits added in for workers with over 30 hours per week at no extra cost, Band of Hands is your partner so you're not hit with potential legal and financial consequences, such as unpaid wages and benefits, fines, penalties, and in extreme cases, being shut down. $10/week per employee covers everything you need as a small business owner whether you have one or hundreds of employees. No base fees, no markups. Just peace of mind.

When you partner with Band of Hands as your Employer of Record, we also handle your unemployment claims, workers comp claims, and remove the burdens of being an employer. It's simple to put your employees on our payroll system and let us handle the rest. If you need to post open positions and hire additional talent, you can post unlimited jobs at any time. We work hand in hand to help club and studio owners run their best business, and provide the optimal way to work for their professional staff members.


We've partnered with Paycor to offer a full suite of payroll and tax services. Our hiring platform and apps allow for easy one-click hiring of pre-vetted candidates with ratings and reviews. Our fully integrated time and attendance tracking system and full HR support makes it easy for business owners to offload all of the employment responsibilities and remain complaint. We provide health insurance, retirement plans, workers’ compensation, and other employee benefits to staff who traditionally was not eligible as an independent contractor.

Band of Hands in the Fitness Community

We know that fitness studio and gym owners didn't get into business to be an employer. Band of Hands has revolutionized the employment model by providing turnkey employment for these small business owners. Their integrated platform removes the guesswork and takes care of everything related to employment so business owners don’t have to.

For workers, Band of Hands provides a new way to work by offering the flexibility of a 1099 with the stability of a full-time employee. Fitness professionals can work at multiple locations and get a single W-2.

 Eve Nasby, President


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