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Athletech News provides comprehensive media coverage of the most impactful news and trends shaping the fitness and wellness sector. Our newsletter and website cover emerging fitness technology, brick and mortar gyms, wellness trends, new fitness formats and the industry’s economic outlook.

We aim to spark ideas and shape agendas for fitness executives in this constantly evolving and fast moving sector. We set out each day to inform these leaders with proprietary content and analysis that will help them make more informed business decisions.  We can help give your brand a voice and recognition.


We keep pace with the intersection of fitness, health, wellness and technology. Launched in 2020, by Edward Hertzman, we are the premier B2B publication specializing in the rapidly growing world of fitness. Our goal is to inform, inspire and collaborate with those who are as passionate about fitness as we are.

From wearables to wellness, AI assists and every new boutique format in between, we put the info you need all in one place. We’ll help improve your everyday performance with the latest news shaping this industry, whether it’s fitness trends, tech innovations or what’s happening in finance. If you’re in the fitness business, this is the news source for you.

Athletech News in the Fitness Community

We believe that fitness and wellness is not a trend. It is a cultural shift that is impacting the way we live. Fitness and wellness is penetrating every aspect of our lives. The result is a global fitness market,  primed for continued growth. People are choosing to spend discretionary funds on fitness over other common luxuries.

With the global wellness market estimated at over $1.5 trillion (2021) there is much to talk about. However, until now there has been no central repository of fitness related content focused on emerging fitness and wellness trends that are disrupting the industry. Athletech News aims to fill that void.

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