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Obtain more members and more revenue through ASH Fitness. ASH Fitness contracts with fitness studios to attract new members and reimburse fitness studios for the membership or sessions.

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ASH Fitness contracts with over 100 health plans and employer groups nationally and has access to over 150 million eligible members.

  • There are no application or contract fees
  • Turnkey application process
  • Opportunity to attract hard-to-reach market segments
  • Free fitness studio listing in directories seen by millions of members Programs available to participate in: 
    • 1. Active&Fit: members ages 18-64
    • 2. Silver&Fit: Medicare eligible members 65+
    • 3. ExerciseRewards: members ages 18-64


Founded in 1987, ASH provides musculoskeletal provider network management, fitness/exercise programs, health management programs, and consumer health services for health plans as part of their plan sponsor solutions. Since its inception, ASH has launched more than a dozen programs, crafting each of these programs within the organization to meet needs and demands of the marketplace.

Today, ASH’s fitness programs serve more than 5 million members. ASH Fitness has been providing its ExerciseRewards Program since 2006, its Silver&Fit Program since 2007, its ChooseHealthy Affinity Discount Program since 1999, its FitnessCoach Program since 2007, its Active&Fit Program since 2009, and its Active&Fit Rewards and Active&Fit Direct Programs starting in 2017.

American Specialty Health Fitness in the Fitness Community

American Specialty Health Fitness (ASH Fitness) offers fitness programs that improve the fitness and exercise levels of participating members. Services include fitness club networks, exercise center networks, home fitness programs, special programming at fitness clubs, reward programs, Internet tools, and performance/data management. ASH Fitness has become a market leader in the fitness industry by offering the following fitness benefit programs:

  • Silver&Fit, one of the most innovative and competitive senior fitness programs available in the market
  • FitnessCoach, offered to the Medicare plan’s special needs population (SNP) or dual-coverage program (Medicare and Medicaid or Medi-Cal) beneficiaries
  • Active&Fit, a fitness and exercise program for commercial members
  • Active&Fit Direct, a member self-pay fitness program
  • ExerciseRewards, a comprehensive exercise and activity incentive and rewards program

The fitness programs include fitness benefit programs for commercial, Medicare, and special needs populations, as well as exercise incentives programs. ASH Fitness and associated products are wholly-owned subsidiaries or product brands of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH).

 Brett Hanson, Vice President​
 619-756-2943 ​


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