Interview with John Hartman Co-Owner of Hartman Fitness Studio

We interviewed John to learn why he and his wife Jennifer made the switch to Gymcatch and how their software has been a major game-changer for their studio.

  • (0:55) Please tell us about your background and how Hartman Studio came to be?
  • (3:01) Why did you decide to switch to Gymcatch?
  • (4:24) How has moving to Gymcatch benefited your business over an above-the-cost? 
  • (7:04) Talk to us about getting on board with OnDemand and Live Streaming?
  • (7:59) What would you recommend to other gym owners looking to make a switch of software providers?

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John Hartman

John and his wife Jennifer own their own group fitness studio called Hartman Fitness Studio in Bellevue, Ohio.  They have been in business for the past 5 years.  They have a variety of strength, cardio, & mobility/flexibility classes.  John holds certifications in Group Fitness Instructor, several AMPD Strong formats, as well as all 5 SH1FT Fitness formats. John and Jennifer believe fitness is for everyone! Whether it’s someone's 1st class, or 100th class, both people could attend the same class and get a great workout, at their own fitness level. 


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