Interview with Tracey Bianco, Marketing Director for Momentum Fitness

Tracey discusses what it means to train with purpose and passion with DEKA by Spartan. Join us as Tracey shares how DEKA by Spartan sparks community, competition and is a game-changer for Momentum Fitness. You don’t want to miss it! 

  • (0:03) Tell us about yourself and your role in the fitness industry.
  • (1:17) What was it about DEKA that made you want to jump on board and get behind their mission 100%?
  • (3:46) Explain to our audience (fitpros, studio/gym owners) the benefits of getting involved?  
  • (7:35) How would our audience leverage a relationship with DEKA to further support their business? (i.e., drive more business, meet more people, affiliate opportunities, etc)
  • (12:12) What would you say to someone thinking about getting involved with DEKA? Any Advice?


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10:30am Central
(8:30am Pacific / 11:30am Eastern)

On Oct 23rd, 2021


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About DEKA by Spartan

DEKA from the creators of Spartan Race is the decathlon of indoor functional fitness designed for ALL levels. Our affiliates provide memorable fitness events and member experiences, gamified programming for improved exercise adherence, and training with a purpose designed to celebrate fitness! In addition, the DEKA Affiliate Program provides the following benefits:

  • Gym Hosted DEKA Events (includes Revenue Share, Marketing, and Collateral)
  • Fitness Testing. Gamification. Leaderboard Access.
  • Weekly DEKA Programming.
  • Your Gym or Studio's Website Link to DEKA.FIT Gym Finder Page.
  • Monthly Fitness Networking Support Calls.
  • And Much More!

Spartan is on a mission to positively impact 100 million lives through fitness and to help spread that mission, DEKA provides fitness operators the opportunity to increase revenue, generate new membership leads, boost member retention, provide unique programming and create memorable fitness experiences!

Tracey Bianco

Growing up with a father and a mother who were invested in the fitness community it was a no-brainer to follow their lead. Being a Pole Vaulter throughout Highschool led me to become a D1 Athlete for Monmouth University in New Jersey. While at Monmouth, I fell in love with computer graphics and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and Interactive Media. Combining the two of my favorite things in this world, fitness and graphics, was my mission. I am incredibly thankful to have been brought on the Momentum Fitness team as a Personal Trainer and the Marketing Director.


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