Interview with Andrew Cortellessa Owner Cort Fitness Personal Training

Andrew shares how working with 97 Display to build his website was a gamechanger for his business. Andrew ranks #1 in the Personal Training category on Google, tune in to learn how you can too.

  • (0:04) Tell the audience about your background and Cort Fitness Personal Training came to be.
  • (0:59) What made you choose 97 Display? What makes them stand out from the competition?
  • (2:01) What was your biggest challenge launching Cort Fitness During a pandemic? How did 97 Display help you grow through this time? 
  • (3:06) Personal training is a crowded space, how were you able to differentiate yourself to successfully draw business during a pandemic lockdown? 
  • (4:19) How did 97 Display help you grow to the #1 SEO ranking for Personal Training? 
  • (5:25) What is your favorite game-changing benefit of working with 97 Display?  
  • (6:28) What would you say/recommend to other studio owners that are considering working with 97 Display


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About 97 Display

97 Display is dedicated to connecting your business to your community. They create lead-generating websites customized to your brand that convert 4-6x faster than any others in the fitness industry. That means you get more clients in your door that need your help, growing your business and exceeding your goals every month. 

Hundreds of fitness businesses worldwide trust 97 Display and their all-in-one internet marketing platform, which includes:

  • Lead Nurturing Tools 
  • Localized SEO Optimization
  • Seamless CRM Integration
  • LEADCORE: Lead Management App
  • The Best Customer Support in the Industry


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Andrew Cortellessa

My story begins like this...growing up, I was a natural athlete with a passion for sports that eventually led to a desire for fitness. I recall at 15 I wanted so badly to join a competitive AA hockey team. Although I was a skillful player with the ability to score goals, I was rejected due to lack of size. I was so disappointed; my confidence was ruined. Feeling sorry for myself, I was determined to change my life.


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