Gymtimidation is a huge hurdle people, especially new members, must overcome when trying something new or building new habits and routines. But if you give your members ways to try out different workouts or classes on their own, you’ll help them build the confidence they need to stay active at your gym and build an even more welcoming community. In this video, we’ll cover three ways your club can ease gymtimidation.

3 Ways to Ease Gymtimidation:

  • Create strong onboarding processes.
  • Foster a welcoming, supportive culture.
  • Give members the tools they need to push out of their comfort zone.

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Andy Peat

Andy Peat, a seasoned leader in the fitness industry with more than 18 years’ experience, is the CEO of Fitness on Demand, a health and wellness platform that manages gyms’ digital fitness and member engagement needs. Andy’s expertise in driving innovation and transformational change is led by a firm belief in utilizing data and the latest technology to steer positive behavior change and forge strategic partnerships within the fitness landscape. Andy has held various roles at Snap Fitness including club manager, franchise sales manager and Regional CEO.


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