Interview with Mike Bell, CEO of Aira Fitness

Mike discusses safe, eco-friendly, and worry-free sanitation practices for his studio using Cleanz Eco Wipes. Discover how Mike has saved time, how his members love the product, and how he keeps his 8 gyms clean and safe!

  • (0:02) Tell the audience about your background and how Aira Fitness came to be.
  • (0:23) With many cleaning options available, why use Cleanz Eco Wipes within your studio?
  • (0:49) What makes Cleanz Eco Wipes different from other cleaning wipes?
  • (1:15) Tell us how you and your members use Cleanz Eco Wipes within your studio. What do your members say about Cleanz Eco Wipes? 
  • (1:51) What would you recommend to other studio owners considering Cleanz Eco Wipes for their sanitization needs? 


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About Cleanz Eco Wipes

Cleanz Eco Wipes are made from highly sustainable and biodegradable bamboo. They effectively kill the Covid virus, bacteria, and germs and will not harm fitness equipment and upholstery. Bamboo releases more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. It is also 100% biodegradable and starts to decompose within a year.  

Most wipes are made from synthetic fibers that are not biodegradable and not as soft as bamboo.  Our wipes also contain Aloe Vera & Tea tree Oil that moisturizes.

Cleanz Eco Wipes. Better for your health now. Better for the environment later!


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Mike Bell

Mike Bell is the former Vice President of La Fitness and Founder and CEO of Aira Fitness. He owns 8 gyms and has trained over 1,000 personal trainers in how to grow their business.


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