Interview with Gray Godwin, Owner of Alliance Physical Culture. 

We spoke to Gray to learn more about his experience with using SportsArt equipment in his boutique gym in Austin, Texas. 

  • (1:17) Tell the audience about your background and how you came to working in the fitness industry?  What makes it different from the competition - what makes you stand out?
  • (4:17) You've been a longtime SportsArt customer, tell us more about the relationship you have built?
  • (9:20) What has been the member's feedback once they learn about SportsArt's equipment and what it does for the environment?
  • (11:04) How has your business evolved since working with SportsArt?
  • (12:25) What would you say/recommend to studio owners that may be considering purchasing SportsArt equipment?

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Gray Godwin

Gray is the Owner of Alliance Physical Culture which was founded in 2014 as part of a mixed use, multifamily project integrating healthcare, wellness, and environmental stewardship into modern lifestyle.  It is located in Austin Texas, and utilizes concepts found in strength sports to offer effective doses of exercise that correlate with improved bone density, strength, function, bloodwork, and mental well being.


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