Welcome! Josh Leve and Shannon Blake kick off the event with a rundown of what you can expect throughout the day.

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Josh Leve

Josh Leve is the founder and CEO of the Fitness Business Association (FBA) and SUCCEED!  The FBA is an exciting community where fitness studios, gyms, and fitpros come to be better informed, educated, and inspired.  With over 60 industry partnerships including all major certifying organizations, the FBA has been featured in all major fitness publications. In addition, Josh has been a featured speaker for all major fitness events such as IHRSA, Athletic Business, Club Industry, NSCA, NASM Optima, EMPOWER!, ZUMBA, and others.

Shannon Blake

Shannon Blake manages the relationship and strategy with Podium's healthcare partnerships; including the partnership between FBA and Podium. She is a fitness enthusiast and is passionate about spreading the word about Podium and how their tools can be THE tools to help gyms with common problems such as member retention and acquisition. 


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