Interview with Morgan Baggs, Co-Founder of Insurgent Fitness LLC

We interviewed Morgan to learn why his gym switched to Virtuagym for their software and scheduling needs.

  • (0:25) Tell us about Insurgent Fitness and how it was created? 
  • (2:54) Why did you decide to use Virtuagym? 
  • (4:37) How have you maximized the community and scheduling features? 
  • (6:20) What drove them to start using an all-in-one fitness app? 
  • (7:45) What digital plans do you have for the future (including with Virtuagym)? 
  • (8:40) What would you tell others regarding recommending Virtuagym? 

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Morgan Baggs

I am the lead martial art instructor here at Insurgent overseeing tour Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA program. I am married to Michelle Baggs- co-Founder and Insurgent Fitness's online trainer and nutrition specialist, NPC bikini competitor, and powerlifting coach. Michelle and I have 3 beautiful children, Eva, Ethan, and Elle. We have lived in Flagstaff Arizona for over 8 years.


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