Branding for Dummies

Justin Brown
Branding Expert

Ask four people what is branding and you will get four different answers. Do you know what your brand is? Who your brand is for? What does your brand promise? These are questions only you can answer. Justin helps you answer these questions and how to turn the answers into more revenue for your business.

Key Takeaways from this Podcast...

  • What exactly is branding?
  • Are you targeting yourself in your marketing and branding?
  • The difference between a brand and a company
  • Service delivery is more important than certifications
  • Are you networking intentionally and effectively?
  • How to target affluent clients
  • How you help people by charging them

Mindset and Development

  • What has been Justin's most successful failure?
  • What has been his biggest surprise in the fitness industry?
  • Where does he go for personal and professional development

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Justin Brown

Justin Brown  was born and raised on a small farm in Lindale Texas. After spending 6 years in the U.S. Navy he became a private sector personal trainer working with celebrities, doctors, lawyers, CEO's and industry leaders. He is currently based in Austin Texas and travels the world teaching people how to build personal brands that attract targeted audiences and get them higher paying clients, better opportunities, industry authority, and more income!


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