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The factors driving the entrepreneurial spirit are numerous, but unfortunately, this passion for becoming a fitness business owner is not always accompanied by a well-developed business skill set.  But have no fear!  

The passion to be one’s own boss requires an individual to acquire certain competencies - and we've got you covered in this Start-up Action Plan Bundle! 

As well known studio owner and industry guru Rick Mayo has said repeatedly, “The moment you sign that lease or those loan papers, you have instantaneously become an entrepreneur – like it or not. And the skill set necessary to be a successful small business entrepreneur is much different than the skillset that made you a great trainer.” 

You'll receive six of the most thought-out and robust planning and education guides to set you on the right path including:

  • Are You Ready to Make the Leap? The Essential Guide to Preparing Fitness Entrepreneurs
  • How to Build a Business Plan and Financial Statement - Everything Necessary to Thrive!
  • How Much Money is Necessary and Where to Find it to Start a Fitness Business
  • The Financial Numbers Every Fitness Entrepreneur Must Know that Impact Your Business 
  • How to Choose Between Leasing Space or Opening a Fitness Franchise
  • A Blueprint of Success for Designing and Developing Your Fitness Business