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Please note: The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) has rebranded to the Fitness Business Assocation (FBA). Fitness studios will always be the heart and soul of the audience we serve, however, our new name perfectly embraces our vision, which embraces fitness businesses of all types.

Running a fitness business is hard.  Understanding how to generate more money, more traffic, more freedom in your life is hard.  We want to make it easy.  With our industry-leading market research, our exclusive reports empower you to make decisions with reliable data.

Short on time? Leverage this exclusive research bundle to understand the sales, marketing and retention side of your business.  Get key insight into what other fitness businesses are doing to drive more traffic so that you can get ahead, easily plug new ideas into your business and drive forward business growth. 

Included in this bundle are the following research reports...

  • Sales and Overcoming Objections 
  • Successful Marketing Strategies 
  • What Makes Boutiques Click 
  • Marketing Best Practices 
  • Keys to Retention