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There comes a time for every fitness business where it's time to grow.  But how?  Where do you start?  What factors do you look for and how do you separate your business from the rest? 

These robust action plans will tackle EVERYTHING necessary to set your business on a path for growth like never before. It begins with the hellos and progresses from there!


5 Powerful Action Plans Included in this Bundle:

How Much to Pay, Who to Hire, and Where to Find and Onboard the Best Talent for Your Fitness Business

Staff are the heart of the business. This guide covers all the essentials on how to find, interview and hire the right staff. Make decisions on compensation, full-time or part-time, contracts and forms, and what to look for in competency, experience and credentials. Includes a point-by-point action plan for implementing a hiring strategy for your business.


Pricing Your Fitness Business Properly to Generate the Most Revenue

Revenue is the engine that drives profitability. Learn to define your business model and structure your business around profitability. Create a pricing approach that supports your value proposition. Includes an action plan to implement a pricing strategy for your business.


Staging Memorable Experiences that Set Your Fitness Business Apart From the Rest

Memorable experience drives client loyalty, which in turn drives retention. This guide breaks down all the components of business that help you stage and deliver memorable experiences across all touch points of your brand. The action plan will guide you through a list of activities to super charge your brand, and thus boost your clients loyalty and retention.


The #1 Way to Differentiate Your Fitness Business: The Power of Branding

Your brand is your reputation and how clients perceive you. Your brand is what builds trust and loyalty. Learn how to define brand and what makes great brands. Create your own unique and powerful brand to carve a space for yourself in the industry. Use the action plan to assess your current brand, to identify and implement improvements.


The Critical Steps, Policies, and Best Practices Necessary to Reduce Your Risk and Get Your Fitness Business to Success Faster

Perform risk management through practices and policies to protect your business. This guide will help you understand employee and business risks, and provide key risk management practices to prevent problems. The action plan is a point-by-point list of activities to make sure your business is not unduly exposed to risk.


What is an Action Plan?

An FBA action plan is a concise document (PDF, 10-20 pages) that uncovers the essential concepts around a topic. The plan gives you a business-ready list of actions you can perform to incorporate the ideas into your business.

Think of it as a mini business plan for each specific topic, so that you can learn the concepts quickly and implement the improvements in easy steps at your own pace. And come back to review again anytime your business needs a checkup.


Bonus Video Education:
The Best Ideas in the Fitness Business

Ready to learn from the best?

Get the best ideas from all the topics below in 2 short, impactful video sessions:

MasterClass: Pricing, Programs, and Selling

  • Understand your value
  • Figure out your program options and pricing
  • Define your features and benefits
  • Sell on value, not price
  • Dealing with objections
  • Calculate the business value of a customer

MasterClass: Marketing, Customer Experience and Retention

  • Delivering a top customer experience
  • Use accountability to improve your business
  • Establish an online community for your clients
  • The role of your website
  • Quick wins in marketing
  • Grow social proof to succeed in social media

Curated from hundreds of world-class education sessions in our library. Our top presenters sharing their best fitness business ideas for 2022 and beyond. The most relevant insights to get up to speed with how the BEST run their businesses. Take action now and be inspired!