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Please note: The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) has rebranded to the Fitness Business Assocation (FBA). Fitness studios will always be the heart and soul of the audience we serve, however, our new name perfectly embraces our vision, which embraces fitness businesses of all types.

Optimize your fitness business performance NOW! Do you know how many clients your business can handle? How much revenue you should be generating? Dramatically increase your odds of success by adopting best practices from the most successful studios and gyms nationwide. 

Plus gain valuable insight into your target market as you understand your consumers and their behavior while implementing the most effective programming to position yourself for maximum success.

This Fitness Business Insight Research Bundle includes:

  • The 5 Must-Know Formulas for Every Fitness Studio
  • Programming for Success 
  • Overarching Insights of Fitness Industry Success 
  • Fitness Technology Trend Report
  • Buying Habits of Fitness Studios
  • Successful Programming Strategies