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  • Are You Ready to Make the Leap? The Essential Guide to Preparing Fitness Entrepreneurs
  • How to Build a Business Plan and Financial Statement - Everything Necessary to Thrive!
  • How Much Money is Necessary and Where to Find it to Start a Fitness Business
  • The Financial Numbers Every Fitness Entrepreneur Must Know that Impact Your Business 
  • How to Choose Between Leasing Space or Opening a Fitness Franchise
  • A Blueprint of Success for Designing and Developing Your Fitness Business
  • Proven Marketing Strategies to Drive the Most Traffic to Your Fitness Business
  • The Legal Stuff. Set Up Your Fitness Business Properly for Success
  • How Much to Pay, Who to Hire, and Where to Find and Onboard the Best Talent for Your Fitness Business
  • Pricing Your Fitness Business Properly to Generate the Most Revenue
  • Staging Memorable Experiences that Set Your Fitness Business Apart From the Rest
  • The #1 Way Way to Differentiate Your Fitness Business_The Power of Branding
  • The Critical Steps, Policies, and Best Practices Necessary to Reduce Your Risk and Get Your Fitness Business to Success Faster