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An expert-guided walk-through of the most common marketing and retention emails for a fitness business.

Get an easy collection of 10 messaging templates that you can use as the blueprint for your emails. Complete with short and easy-to-follow guidelines for how to think about each email.

More than a collection of templates, use this email kit as a guided tour to think about how you want to talk to your members, build relationships through touch points, and present your brand via email communications.

Think about your current marketing actions.
Are you sending these critical emails?

Referral request
Ask happy clients to recommend your business.

Post workout
Show that you care and keep members engaged with a post-workout message.

Come back and book a session
Are you allowing members to stay away for too long, jeopardizing their engagement with your business, and ultimately your retention rates?


Go through every template as an exercise to review your branding and retention.
Fix your email marketing, and strengthen the way you foster relationships with your members.


Templates included:

Member joins, referral request, class reminder, post workout, too long since the last session, purchase abandonment, upsell a product or service, promotions, educational emails: recipes, workouts.

(PDF document, 12 pages)




Webinar: Your Brand Experience & Its Impact on Member Retention

Your brand experience is how people feel about your business from every interaction: your email, your facility, your signage, your social media presence. Use this video education to help frame how you think about the content in your emails.

  • What impressions do you want your brand to make?
  • What do you want people to associate with your brand?
  • How to meet and exceed member expectations?

Webinar courtesy of Power Systems.