In this edition of FBA Insider: Tips from the CEO...

Josh goes into great detail on some of the most impactful ways you can make a difference in your clients' lives by doing some of the most simple tasks to show your appreciation for their hard work.

When it comes to WOW factors, the secret is in the surprise. Going out of your way to make your clients feel special will cause reverberations felt throughout their day, week, sometimes month.  It's your job and responsibility to make them feel special - ALWAYS. 

What are some ways to make your clients feel special all the time - watch the video and find out more!

Enjoy this short, action-packed, insight directly from our CEO himself!

What can you expect to learn?

  • What WOW factors actually work and don't cost a lot of money
  • Why Valentine's Day & St. Patrick's Day are perfect to create a WOW factor
  • How to document properly to connect with your clients on a deeper level
  • Why building a strong relationship foundation is the key to long-term retention


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