Sara Allen is the VP of Business Development for the FBA and SUCCEED! With extensive knowledge in sales, customer service, and operations, Sara specializes in marketing strategies, product launches, and business operations for all of FBA's strategic accounts. Sara's heart is in the business of fitness and is a big believer in passion fuels success, and is ecstatic she's found her passion serving FBA members and partners.

With over 20 years of experience, Sara is also a customer service and sales specialist. Her career has layers of skill spanning from working with nonprofits on fundraising and event planning, to advertising sales and software product launches. 

Sara has a Bachelors in Marketing and an Associates in Human Resource Management. She is also the President and founder of AllenSquared, Inc., a consulting company specializing in streamlining systems, processes, and automation for Entrepreneurs.

Sara is compassionate yet realistic and approaches FBA clients with a white glove. On a personal level, Sara has a fun personality and a quirky sense of humor. When not at work, you may find her cheering for the MSU basketball team, shooting hoops, reading, or relaxing at the beach.