Jose Onate is a seasoned technology strategist and innovator with over 20 years of experience leading projects from startups to fortune 500 companies. With formal training in software engineering, business, marketing, and project leadership, Jose has a comprehensive understanding of web architecture, implementation, user experience, and online communication.

For the past decade, Jose has served the FBA community, where he is responsible for shaping the organization's technology vision and spearheading engineering initiatives and collaboration. His work includes developing the web technology for the FBA association platform and the SUCCEED! online events and education platform.

In addition to his technical responsibilities, Jose oversees the brand strategy for the organization, directing marketing and content initiatives to align with the overall vision.


Technology Mission: The organization's technology mission is to create the best and most accessible online platforms for fitness business education in the industry. The FBA takes pride in its rich, in-house platforms that host and deliver thousands of educational articles, guides, videos, and event sessions. These platforms support tens of thousands of online event participants and educate hundreds of thousands of online visitors annually.

Education Mission: The FBA aims to be the most accessible platform for comprehensive business education for fitness professionals and facility operators. The organization is committed to continuous technological innovation to lower the barriers to accessing top-tier education, with the ultimate goal of accelerating the success of fitness practitioners and the industry at large.

More about Jose
Jose is passionate about expanding the reach of health and fitness, and holds a NASM-CNC nutrition certification. Outside of the FBA, Jose is a long-term cofounder of AWM, a strategy consultancy that specializes in helping organizations succeed online using advanced open-source technologies.

When not working to innovate fitness education access, Jose can be found volunteering in non-profit efforts, and indulging in his hobby of playing and collecting guitars.