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Expert Panel

With Josh Leve, Founder & CEO, FBA & SUCCEED!

Join a panel of expert business owners as we discuss the best ideas to prepare for the New Year rush, onboard clients, and keep retention up through this challenging cycle.

Mark Nutting | Owner, Jiva Fitness
Lindsay Vastola | Founder, Vast Potential
Robert Linkul | Owner, TrainingTheOlderAdult.com








On-Demand Education Sessions

Refresh the key skills and business ideas that will help you succeed in January and beyond. FBA picks from top sessions recorded at SUCCEED! events.


Jane Bahneman | Owner, Nectar Yoga Studios

Finding and creating loyal clients is far more cost-effective in the long term than having to constantly churn and hustle. Join me as we uncover simple, intentional ways to find the right clients and motivate them to stay, pay and refer!

Mark Nutting | Owner, Jiva Fitness

While the fitness industry is very good at keeping fitness enthusiasts coming to their clubs or studios, it does a very poor job at getting the novice exerciser to come in, stay, and reach their goals. To do better meeting those new to exercise’s needs begins at how we engage them to come in, how we connect with them, how we listen to them, and how we guide them on their journey. This session will walk attendees through the process of helping the new exerciser come, stay, and succeed in reaching their goals.

Lindsay Vastola | Founder, Vast Potential

Is your business relying on the roller coaster of under-performing front-end offers? Or do you feel like you’re constantly having to compete on price? Fitness businesses can no longer compete on fitness services alone. The solution? A single signature program that differentiates you from the competition, provides professional development for your team and delivers an unmatched client experience for lasting, more meaningful results.

Sean Greeley | CEO & Founder, NPE

Most fitness professionals have tried using social media to find new training clients, but sadly have not been able to convert their efforts to real sales! If this has been your experience, you are not alone! We all recognize the power of social media to find and sign-up new clients. But all too often, what has been tried, has not worked because these fit pros don’t have a clear social media marketing strategy, plan, and process to follow.

Jersey Giambrone | CEO & Founder , Fuel Bootcamp

In this session, you will learn tactics on how to connect with your new potential members.  How to overcome objections and get a clear path to the sale.