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About TeamUp

TeamUp, a DaySmart company, is the most recommended management software to flexibly manage your fitness business in-person, online, and on-demand.

Designed specially for fitness business owners, TeamUp offers bookings, payments, customer relationship management, access control for facilities, and a rich feature-set of business management including valuable insights and reporting. TeamUp also integrates with the most powerful platforms including Zapier, Zoom, BoxMate, Kisi, Classpass and more to offer fitness businesses everything they need to run the best version of their business in one place.


Launched in 2012, TeamUp quickly built a reputation for reliability and willingness to adapt to its customers’ needs. TeamUp's dedication to their customers drives everything they do which makes them stand out to other platforms on the market. TeamUp works 3000+ businesses worldwide, and was newly acquired by DaySmart Software in September 2022.

TeamUp in the Fitness Community

TeamUp is the most recommended fitness management software. We work with thousands of business owners worldwide to reduce their admins, make running their businesses seamless, and provide them with a solution and support that enables them to build thriving communities. All TeamUp features are included right from the start, our pricing scales are your business grows, and you have our full customer support every step the way.

 Jessica Armstrong

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