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About BodyLogic Solutions

We offer high-quality supplements and wellness programs that complement your clients’ wellness goals. With no inventory investment or extensive training, you can easily expand options for clients without expending financial or administrative resources while earning passive revenue.


Founded in 2003 and chosen as a Top 10 Hormone Provider of 2023, BodyLogicMD physician-owned practices make up a national network of highly trained practitioners specializing in hormone replacement therapy (HRT), integrative medicine, and weight loss.  For decades, BodyLogicMD has delivered the quality that thousands of businesses and their clients depend on. Now, BodyLogic Solutions adds nutritional options to the menu, and testing designed with your clients in mind. We build on the trust and care that has been demonstrated over the last 20 years.

BodyLogic Solutions in the Fitness Community

We provide high quality supplements shipped directly to your facility or your client's home. We offer at-home lab testing for metabolic health and muscle development. Customized wellness plans targeting hormone replacement therapy and weight loss are available as well.  Your clients will feel better and look better while you earn passive income.

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