Interview with Elina Pipa, Undergraduate Student and TA at Brown University. 

We spoke to Elina to learn more about research she has done about sustainability and how SportsArt equipment played a role in reducing emissions at her unviersity. 

  • (1:05) Tell us a little about yourself and your passion for sustainability and for mitigating the impacts of climate change?
  • (2:53) You recently wrote a paper outlining how installing human-powered, energy-producing cardio equipment would offset around 2% of the emissions from the rec center, which includes a pool.  What did you hope to achieve when you first started this paper?
  • (5:07) Were you able to find any cost savings in addition to the reduction of emissions?
  • (7:01) Let’s talk about other schools that have eco-friendly cardio equipment; does this offer any reassurance that your proposal was a right move?
  • (8:42) How do you think schools can build more awareness that eco-friendly equipment is good for the environment?
  • (11:18) The article mentions that there’s 6 pieces of ECO-POWR units in the Nelson Rec Center; do you know why SportsArt was chosen?
  • (12:56) What other inspiring projects are you working on?

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Elina Pipa

Elina was born and raised in Athens, Greece and is currently a junior at Brown University studying Economics and International and Public Affairs. Her passion for sustainability emerges from her interests in policy, finance and health and wellness. She is involved in various climate initiatives on campus, including the installation of energy-producing cardiovascular equipment at the campus’ Nelson Fitness Center.  Additionally, Elina is an E-board member of the Sustainable Food Initiative at Brown, and a teaching assistant for Environmental Economics classes.


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