Interview with Sean Armstead, Co-Owner of Phenomenal Fitness in Chicago.

We interviewed Sean to learn more about his experience working with Nuvita to add corporate wellness to his fitness business. 

  • (0:52) Tell us about your studio and what makes you stand out amongst your competition?
  • (1:48) Why did you decide to add corporate wellness to your business?
  • (3:18) How has Nuvita helped you to change your business?
  • (4:10) What would you tell others who are on the fence on working with Nuvita?


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If you would like to learn how you can grow your business with corporate wellness – click here.

Sean Armstead

Sean is the Co-Owner of Phenomenal Fitness, a fitness studio located in Chicago. They assist clients in feeling, moving and looking PHENOMENAL by providing an outstanding training environment, a cutting edge training approach, delivered by an awesome training staff.


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