Interview with Rima Rabbath, Founder of Souk NYC. 

We interviewed Rima to learn more about her experience working with Momence to grow her online yoga business. 

  • (0:51) Tell us a little about you and your background and how you came to own your studio?
  • (2:28) Tell us about how you managed your business before Momence? What Apps, Software did you use?
  • (4:40) Why did you begin working with Momence?
  • (5:30) What areas of your business were you looking to change?
  • (7:40) How has their software enhanced your business and studio revenue? 
  • (10:31) How have automations in Momence helped your studio reclaim time and how has communication with your clients improved after switching to Momence? 
  • (12:49) And what would you tell someone who is hesitant to migrate their business?
  • (14:57) What would you tell others when it comes to recommending Momence for their business needs?

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Rima Rabbath

Rima is the founder of Souk NYC. In March 2020, Rima launched the Souk Zoom Room, which instantly became a lifeline: a net that joined and held up students from all over the world. Her online community became the portal to our physical Souk studio in Manhattan: a space of practice acting as the energetic panacea for a city that refuses to be disrupted by a global pandemic. Rima’s vision for Souk is a multi-faceted gathering of practitioners coming to their mats with the willingness to paint the first brushstroke of confidence on a white canvas, the future of yoga in New York City.


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