Interview with Amanda Linn Clark, Owner of Elevation Fitness.

We interviewed Amanda to learn more about her experience working with NPE and how it has grown her business.

  • (0:52) Tell us a little about your background and how you came to work in the fitness industry?
  • (2:23) Tell us about what your offerings are as a business?
  • (3:08) Why did you begin working with NPE?
  • (4:18) What areas of your business were you looking to change?
  • (4:52) How has working with NPE increased revenue for you?
  • (5:10) What parts of NPE were you surprised that helped your business?
  • (6:08) What would you tell others when it comes to recommending NPE for their business needs?

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Amanda Linn Clark

Amanda is the Owner of Elevation Fitness, a private personal training gym for business professionals in Blue Springs, Missouri. With us, clients elevate their fitness and career simultaneously with our unique training and networking experience. Our Nutrition Coaching is tailored to you so that you can make small steps towards where your nutrition needs to be and allows you to eat the good, healthy foods you enjoy. It's not restrictive and it is very sustainable. Our Personal Training, whether one on one or semi-private, is customized to business professionals' needs and goals.


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