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About Momence

Save time. Increase revenue.

Momence is the #1 platform for growing studios and gyms. Put your backend admin on autopilot and get back to doing what you love most.

Momence gives your business the scheduling, communication, reporting, payment, and automation tools you need to save time and increase revenue. Owners, staff, and clients love how easy to use Momence is. Owners and staff love the time-saving automation that allows them to focus more on their businesses. Their customers love being able to sign up for classes quickly and reserve spots for friends too. Put your back-end admin on autopilot and get back to doing what you love most with Momence.


Momence was founded in 2020 by co-founders Vojta and Matteo. Initially Momence started off as Ribbon, and was focused on payment solutions. The team spent time with Y Combinator and received backing to help the start-up take off. But, as the pandemic hit many customers asked the team for help with scheduling and other features needed for running their businesses in a hybrid or entirely virtual mode. The team stepped up to the challenge and refocused on software that had everything needed in one platform to run & grow studios and gyms.

Momence in the Fitness Community

Reasons Why Studios and Gyms Switch to Momence:

Customer & Staff-Friendly
Beautiful and easy-to-use experiences for your customers and staff. Customers get helped faster, and staff spends less time figuring out software.

Easily Reach Support
Get a hold of real support folks eager to help you via chat, phone, or email. Our team loves to help.

Flexible Partnership
Gain a software partner that is easy to work with and often makes platform improvements based on feedback.

Return on Investment
On average studios and gyms see a $10k yearly ROI after switching to Momence through efficiencies, automation, software consolidation, better signup & trial conversion rates, customer win backs, and more.

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