Interview with Ellie Marie, CEO of Empower Physique

We interviewed Ellie to learn more about her experience working with PT Distinction.

  • (0:55) Tell us a little about you and your background and how you came to be a Personal Trainer?
  • (1:52) Tell us about how you managed as a Personal Trainer before PT Distinction? 
  • (2:38) Why did you begin working with PT distinction?
  • (3:20) What areas of your business were you looking to change?
  • (4:05) How has their software enhanced your PT business?
  • (4:47)What parts of the software were you surprised that helped your business?
  • (5:25) What would you tell others when it comes to recommending PT Distinction for their business needs?

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Ellie Marie

Ellie is the CEO of Empower Physique and a 2x Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor. She began Empower Physique with the goal of helping busy women tighten up, tone up, and lean out by restoring their metabolisms and healing their relationship with food. Since starting, she has helped over 500+ women restore their metabolisms and burn off stubborn belly fat.


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