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Have you ever wondered, how many clients can I fit within the 4 walls of my physical space?  When will the walls feel like they're closing in? What if I told you that there was a simple formula to answer all these questions?  Well, there on!

The importance of knowing your Client Capacity cannot be underestimated as it will allow you to calculate your potential for growth and, ultimately, the future of your business. Knowing how many clients you can handle is a fundamental means of assessing and projecting your potential revenue. Using this formula you can calculate if your numbers are significantly above or below industry norms, and take appropriate action, if necessary.

No matter who your competition is, or what challenges you're facing in your business, FBA has the solutions and community to support your goals. Enjoy this short, action-packed, insight directly from our CEO himself!

What can you expect to learn?

- An easy formula to calculate your client capacity
- How this formula was established
- Clarity to ensure your business runs efficiently


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